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Some interesting audio samples there, along with commentary and pictures.
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In Middletown, CT, there is a state psychiatric hospital - Connecticut Valley Hospital. It's right up the street from where I live.

Behind the hospital on its Eastern Hill is a cemetery. The headstones have no names, only numbers.

Patient's numbers.

CVH is one of the oldest mental hospitals in the country, and over 1600 people are buried in the cemetery's 3 or 4 different sections. These were people suffering from many different mental disorders, and needless to say - treatment of these disorders was not always at the forefront of technology.

It is rumored that a lot of these patients who were buried died because of their "treatments."

Angry spirits abound.

If you'd like to visit, don't hesitate to contact me for directions.

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As a lot of you probably know, Lizzie Borden's house is now a B&B in Fall River, MA (link). I stayed there last year before Halloween and it was definitely worthwhile. The house has been decorated as it was when Lizzie lived there, using the crime scene photos for reference. You have your choice of 5 or so rooms, one in which Lizzie's mother was murdered (I'm pretty sure this is the most popular one). At night, guests are treated to a long tour of the house including information and theories about the murder. Then you are left to have a drink and peruse the videos and books in the living room. In the morning, you are served a breakfast similar to the one the Bordens had the morning of the gruesome act - though fortunately without the rotting mutton. And with the charming addition of axe-shaped cookies.

Has anyone else stayed here? What was your experience like? We stayed in the maid's room (which we were disappointed to learn is usually 'very quiet'). During the night, the two girls staying in the room next to ours fled, leaving a note about how they heard singing and were spooked. Sadly enough, I slept quite soundly. The other parts of our Fall River visit were eerie enough to compensate - I had never been there before and was surprised at how abandoned it was. We ate at the Eagle Restaurant - an enormous wood-paneled castle of a place which was just reopened after being vacant since the 1960s. We were the only ones there on a Saturday night for dinner.

Here are a couple of pictures - I am following the trail to her grave, and then quite tastelessly reinacting mom's death. The original is at right. All clickable for enlargements.
lizzie borden lizzie borden abby borden

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Lots of locations and info here, but reader submitted, which means they could be outright false, and quite frequently contain terrible typos!
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