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Hello,Im new and from CT

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My name is Christina and im from stamford CT and interested in everything paranormal/phsychic/metaphysical or otherworldly.anything to do with life after death or reincarnation.I also have a moderate degree of "intuition" myself and would like to use it for the greatest good.I think its great theres a new england site here because there is so much paranormal activity in this part of the country.I want to learn more about all of this and i belive that with my natural metaphysical abilities and strong intrest in the otherworldly,i will create a very interesting life for myself.

I am also interested in helping others find their way as well as helping spirits stuck on earth.ive done a few investigations and had many expiriances in my life.my mother and great grandmother also have pyschic abilities and we get alot of information thru dreams and feelings if we are in certain locations.I can sense energy quite well and since ive been sick for the last few years,my abilities weakened and became confused so i need some help to get back on track and go further.

overall,im glad to have found this place and i will contribute as much as possible.
thank you for having me!
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